Fake Tan Your Way to Leaner Sexier Looking Legs.

Looking for a quick fix to make your legs look leaner and sexier? Are you more of an instant results kind of girl? Yeah, us too (sometimes!). We don’t tend to think about our legs until it’s too late and then we need a quick fix. We have the solution for turning pasty legs into glam, glowing, red carpet-ready stems. If the skin is glowing and tanned it will instantly slim your legs and naturally create a more toned appearance by deepening and pronouncing the natural muscle contours. The three things every girl needs to perk up her legs are a spray-on leg tint, a wash-off bronzer, and illuminating lotion.

A layer of self-tanner on the legs should be your staple, can’t-live-without product. It can hide a multitude of problems, from concealing stretch marks and scars, making the appearance of cellulite look better, and of course, instantly slimming you down by attracting the eye to darker, more pronounced contours. The VIP Mom recommends exfoliating to scrub away the dead skin cells, then moisturizing your knees, your whole foot, and the back of your heel with an oil-free lotion. Use an applicator mitt to apply the self-tanner — it will make life easier and you will get an even finish. Apply it liberally so the product will glide over skin without the use of pressure. Lack of product is the biggest mistake people make.

If you’d rather not commit to a color, try a temporary tan from a tinted bronzer or leg spray. These products work to give you a faux glow that washes off once the night is through. If you really want to get advanced, try contouring and shaping the legs using a blend of highlighter lotion, self-tanner, and temporary tint. If you are happy with the depth of tan, apply moisturizer all over to hydrate and lock in color, then mix a little bit of instant glow with moisturizer and apply directly to the contours of the leg — underneath the bottom of the cheeks, to the center of the thighs, down the shins, and around the calf muscle to sculpt alternatively. Dot a small amount of [shimmer lotion] down the shin, around the contour of the calf muscle, and at the center of the thigh. Your legs will immediately look smooth, hydrated, longer, leaner, and more toned in an instant. By directing the eye and light to the center of the legs, this instantly gives a slimmer illusion.

If you need help choosing the best products to help you achieve this, click on the images below to find out more and to get your hands on these magic potions for your legs.

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