Baby Sleep Monitors

The BEST and SAFEST Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Sleep Through The Night – Tired of struggling to get your newborn to sleep? Learn how to get him (and you!) a good night’s rest with these sleep-through-the-night products that can help baby go to sleep and stay snoozing until morning.

The VIP Mom wants you to finally get some sleep.

So you have decided it’s time for your baby to sleep through, and FINALLY time for you to get your full night’s sleep back. This is THE BEST way – letting them cry it out BUT with the reassurance knowing they are absolutely fine and just crying it out. How can you get this reassurance without actually getting out of bed and going to their room? With video monitoring. Keep reading below to see how and to get your hands on the best products so you can finally get some sleep.

As a new mom, it is tempting to go and check on your baby every time they flinch.

Unfortunately, by opening that door and creeping over to the bed, you risk waking your sleeping baby–and it’s a nightmare to try and get them back to peaceful sleep. Using a video baby monitor can help you check on your baby without disrupting them. RESIST THE URGE to keep going back in to check up on your baby – so long as they are fed, you DO NOT need to go back in. As heartbreaking as it is to listen to your baby cry uncontrollably, there is nothing physically wrong with them and they are just crying to get your attention to be picked up.

We liked the following monitors as they were easy to use and also calculated the temperature of our baby’s room. Keep in mind that a monitor is not a replacement for checking on your baby, but it should lessen the visits you have to make to check on them.

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